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Note:  These malayalam unicode fonts may not work correctly in Ubuntu 7.04 and IT@School GNU/linux 3.0. Please download the special CD for Debian GNU/Linux (etch) and 
Ubuntu (7.10). All malayalam unicode fonts available here will work perfectly on  Ubuntu 8.04, Fedora 9.0 Debian Lenny, and all windows versions.

Download all smc malayalam unicode fonts

Image:meera.png Download Meera Font

Image:rachana.png Download Rachana Font

Image:dyuthi.png Download Dyuthi Font

Image:suruma.png Download Suruma Font

Image:raghumalayalam.png Download Raghu Font

Image:anjalioldlipi.png Download Anjali old lipi

All malayalam unicode fonts listed above are made available to you by the Swathantra Malayalam Computing team

(to get malayalam support in Apple Mac machines, follow the instructions at

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